What We Offer

We are able to offer a service in sequence stratigraphy and seismic facies interpretation as well as in-house training courses.

Rob Kirk has extensive experience

36 years of seismic and well interpretation experience, 30 of which are seismic and sequence stratigraphic.
Worked in 20 countries in over 30 basins in most geological environments from deepwater clastics to carbonates.
Able to work in your office solo or as part of a teamAble to do seismic project work on our own Kingdom software

What we offer:

  • Specialist in senrric facies mapping-manual and automated and the catabon of these with well data to construct palaeogeography maps for regional to field level
  • Large analogue image database (outcrop and subsurface) to be used to calibrate operational work
  • Able to package outcrop, well and/or seismic data into “predictable” geological, mappable units
  • Able to provide sequence stratigraphic and seismic facies mapping workflows and to set up and tun asset regional workshops etc
  • Help with reseryor presence and effectiveness risking, seal and occasionally source rock presence
  • Able to work in your office solo or as part of a learn
  • Able to do seismic protect work on our own Kingdom software

We can provide in house seisfacies and sequence strati graphy training to staff or foreign NOCs (have taught NOC schools in Islamabad and Algiers)

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