We offer from one to five day  well, seismic and combined well and seismic sequence stratigraphy courses-along the outlines shown below.

These courses include both carbonates, siliciclastics, igneous and pitfalls and all have examples from around the well in many different basins-including rift, foreland, compressional and extensional settings.

Outcrop data are used as analogues for the different subsurface settings and include outcrops in California (La Jolla, Ridge Basin, Salton, San Diego etc), Karoo, Annot, Ainsa, Canning, Taranaki, Tabernas, Book Cliffs and Uinta Mountains.

We will do from 3 to 5 worked class exercises per day in the courses using seismic and well data from such areas as Exmouth, Barrow and Dampier Sub-basins, Canning, Otway, Taranaki, Vietnam, Sabah, GOM, Pakistan, India, Alaska and Morocco.

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