Project Work—Australia, NZ

Australia Region

Canning Basin

-seisfacies mapping of lowstand clastcis in the Blina-Meda area with calibration by field mapping
-regional Canning study of Tournaisian section

Browse Basin

-delineate Firetail lead, outboard from Caswell/Walker. Work changed strategy from dropping permit to farming out and getting well drilled by farminee
-regional Browse basin studies

Outer Browse study for BHPB-led to acreage acquisition

Bonaparte Basin

-define Milligans submarine fan packaging, which led to dropping permit due to lack of adequate trap and seal
-define Whitetip Lead reservoir and seal facies-work led to dropping permit
-Petrel Sub-basin CO2 sequestration study

Otway Basin

-define local geological framework in Thylacine-Geographe area
-various new acreage seismic facies studies
-regional seismic and well facies study

Dampier Sub-basin

-regional Triassic palaeogeographic mapping-field areas and nearby areas
-complete redefinition of Triassic gas fields’, packaging and stratigraphy, revise geological model and coordinate work where all cores were redescribed and integrated into model
-seisfacies mapping of F and G units at Goodwyn
-detailed Legendre field seisfacies mapping
-regional Tithonian quicklook seisfacies and Wanaea-Cossack mapping
-detailed seisfacies studies for Late Jurassic-WA209P, WA155P,WA210P, WA28P, WA208P

Timor Sea

-detailed seistrat studies for Maastrichtian clastics in ACP10, ACP3, ACP4, ACP7.

-NTP41 and NTP42 seisfacies studies-led to Beluga-1.

Otway Basin

-seistrat studies saved BHP drilling two wells.

Gippsland Basin

-detailed seisfacies over Dugong lead and Blackback field
-quicklook seistrat studies in Sorell and Bass Basins
-detailed 3D seismic and well structural and facies studies related to sequestration

Exmouth Sub-basin

-detailed Laverda-Enfield field seisfacies mapping
-detailed Scarborough field prospect seisfacies mapping
-detailed Jocala and Leyden seisfacies mapping
-detailed Macedon-Pyrenees field seisfacies mapping

Great Australian Bight Basin

-ran team workshop which defined GAB geological framework, coordinated resultant seisfacies mapping and helped with detailed prospect level reservoir presence mapping

Offshore Eastern Australia

-regional seisfacies study-set up basin geological framework

Cooper-Eromanga Basin

-structural mapping

New Zealand Region

-Regional seisfacies study with palaeogeography maps for offshore Taranaki Basin-led partner study at Petrocorp.
-Great South Basin detailed regional seismic and well study

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